PrestaShop Installation Instructions

1. How to install the plugin on the PrestaShop platform?
2. How to use crontab?

1. How to install the plugin on the PrestaShop platform?

We have created this manual for our current and future customers who are just starting their adventure with the PrestaShop platform. This instruction is intended to help you install a specific module on your PrestaShop platform. We will easily explain how you can install the module that was purchased in our store using the admin panel or via FTP. You will find that it is not so difficult!

Installing the PrestaShop module using the admin panel:

  • Go to the tab with modules
  • Click the “Add a new module” button, which will open the window for installing modules

  • Select the module document from your disk. The file must be zip-packed and should not be unpacked
  • After selecting the appropriate document, click “Upload this module” who will start the download process

  • When the module is successfully downloaded, it will display to us in the list of plugins to be installed
  • Click “install” to start the installation of the downloaded module on your PrestaShop platform

  • After completing all activities, the module is installed on your platform and ready for action.

2. How to use crontab?

Crontab is a program for editing and scheduling various tasks and commands in the operating system. You can use it to run various programs, commands or scripts at a fixed time. To determine when the given command should run.

Settings from crontab on DirectAdmin

Settings from crontab on cPanel