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The integration of Asarii WordPress is a very useful process, in particular for companies that rely on real estate brokerage.

What are the main tasks of this plugin?

Asarii WordPress integration operation is based on one-sided integration. Offers that we add on Asaria are automatically downloaded by the WordPress system in the category of posts that the user, first, selects. Asari WordPress integration is based on downloading the database, i.e. every offer with a photo, description and all parameters. This operation can be carried out in two ways, manually, using the WordPress menu, or automatically, using the correct crontab configuration on the server. Asari WordPress Premium for theme UpHome gives us additional advanced search functions. Users visiting our site have the ability to search for offers using locations, areas of interest, property types, prices, as well as a range of areas and many other functions.

Advantages of Asarii WordPress Premium for theme UpHome:

  • the ability to sort offers by location, property type, price ranges, etc.,
  • possibility of API support in the Kameleon version,
  • checking offers by the system before exporting them to the portal,
  • calculating notary costs, agent’s fees and other fees related to the rental of real estate
  • offers are easily searched by using real estate details and attributes,
  • very large selection of topics,
  • the possibility of simple and in-depth editing of the selected theme,
  • the ability to quickly integrate offers with the home page and export them on websites such as otodom. iHouse tró and many others,
  • the ability to add notes,
  • the opportunity to visually explore the property,
  • option of uploading videos or linking to websites where the customer can view them,
  • the ability to automatically send offers,

Offers that we enter automatically into the WordPress system, can be edited later using the administration panel, just like any other WordPress post. We can also decide which offers are to be displayed and which are not. Each element in the offer has “class” and “id”. This allows you to change information about the offer.

Premium solutions, due to their specificity, require a valuation by us before giving the final cost.



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