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In financial applications, there is often a need to download the current exchange rate for a given currency. However, this involves the need to frequently visit sites that provide these values, such as the website of the bank or other portals. We have to look for the table from the whole day, read the values ​​from it and rewrite or copy to the form. This involves a lot of work, often unnecessary. Our automated solution will be very useful, especially for daily, frequent api currency reading.

What are the benefits of using our program?

  • You will save time.
  • You will always have currency exchange rates ready for use in your work.
  • Our application supports currencies such as: EURO, GBP, USD, CHF, AuD, CAD, CZK, DKK, JPY, NOK, RUB and SEK.

Automatic download of currency values ​​isn’t always a simple task. However, sooner or later every person working in the financial sector has to face him. Our program downloads data in xml and .json formats. The update occurs every 10 minutes so that the user will always have fresh data. Why should you choose to download api exchange rates? First of all, it is a convenient solution, we don’t have to enter all the values ​​manually, which can be very onerous at times.

What does downloading api currency in .json format give us?

What is .json? Currently, it is one of the most popular data exchange formats in the online environment. It’s a light, readable and easy to use format, especially for people familiar with Java Script, because the abbreviation .json stands for JavaScript Object Notation. Downloading api exchange rates using the .json format gives us the ability to store and transfer data using plain text. Like xml and other data storage structures, it has wide application. Most often, however, it is used to transmit and receive data from the server through Internet applications.

Our offer includes a one-year license that can be used on one domain. The license costs 119 euros a year.


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