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Libraries play a large role in the lives of many people, starting from the school period and ending with wells and adulthood. However, people don’t always have the option of going to the library and borrowing a book in physical form. What is the way out of this?

E-libraries are gaining popularity year by year. With a properly configured website, we can create a catalog of books that can be downloaded, for example, by students. This is a great advantage, considering that books in digital form, first of all, don’t destroy, and secondly, they do not constitute the additional weight necessary to put into already-full backpacks.

In addition, digital libraries offer us everything that we will find in classic libraries, that is, diversity, economy as well as new products. Diversity is the element that attracts us to libraries the most. We have many more possibilities to broaden our horizons there. Saving, because for borrowed, or in the case of virtual libraries, downloaded books, we don’t have to pay, and this allows you to save a large amount of money. In particular, if someone reads a lot.

In our store, we offer the opportunity to purchase a configured platform that can be used as a virtual library. Both the theme, the categories set, and sample products shown on the screens can be freely edited. We invite you to take advantage of our virtual library offers.

What is included in package with e library WordPress?

  • wordpress installation package
  • theme
  • file with demo content


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