German translation for Reviver Joomla Virtuemart template

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We installed it on the WordPress server, chose the appropriate free or paid theme, completed the content on the site and added photos. We may believe that our website is fully configured and that we are only missing visitors. However, it is worth asking if we have really configured everything?

So let’s imagine such a situation, the first customer or reader visits our website and instead of focusing on the offer or texts, he sees untranslated phrases such as “comments”, “latest post” or “keep reading”. This may distract his attention or give the impression that our store / website is underdeveloped.

For our part, we offer German translation for Reviver Joomla Virtuemart  template! If we run a website in German, we should take care of translating everything, i.e. system files, theme and commands that appear, for example, when making a purchase. Thanks to this, our website will look professional and not offend with such shortcomings. We invite you to take advantage of our translation offer from German for Reviver Joomla Virtuemart  Template.


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