Gumtree Automatic Poster

88,00 £

Support time: 3 months


Gumtree Automatic Poster

Thanks to the Gumtree Automatic Poster, sales are easier! The Gumtree Automatic Poster we offer you increases the comfort and convenience of the Gumtree sales process. Gumtree is a great website for selling various types of products, both real estate and vehicles, accessories for vehicles, household appliances, antiques, and many other things. Thanks to this application, it will be easy and pleasant for you.

Gumtree Automatic Poster functions:

  • adding ads to selected categories
  • the possibility of easy rewriting to other portals, such as ogłaszamy24, sprzedajemy, olx and the like
  • logging in to several user accounts in turn
  • adding announcements from predefined entries in the database
  • the ability to operate in automatic mode through crontab
  • automatic addition of recurring ads
  • the Gumtree Automatic Poster also simulates the browser
With the Gumtree Automatic Poster, you can easily sell on Gumtree and enjoy profits!

We offer system support for three months.


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