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What is IMO?

IMO is an easy-to-use, modern CRM program dedicated to real estate agents and developers. It is the basic tool of their work. It works in the cloud and therefore allows remote work from anywhere with Internet access. It also allows you to work offline. IMO streamlines and speeds up work, is integrated with all advertising portals on the Polish market, as well as with external systems.

Advantages of IMO:

  • Online and offline work,
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Export of offers to advertising portals
  • Sending offers by e-mail
  • Automatic matching of offers with customers
  • And many others…

The Internet changes everything. It develops rapidly and is sometimes difficult to keep up with. If you have your own business, you have transferred it to the Internet at least to a minimal extent. We want to help you develop as efficiently as possible and that is why we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Our IMO WordPress Premium integration plugin will allow you to easily run a business related to the sale or rental of real estate. Why is it worth using? Because there are many portals on the Internet where you can find offers for apartments, offices and other real estate. Due to their large number, it is worth publishing your offers on a large number of them to increase your chance of finding customers. This possibility is provided by the IMO WordPress Premium integration plugin.

Our IMO WordPress Premium integration plugin allows you to integrate the IMO API into WordPress. IMO is a program that makes available offers posted to it on portals such as: Nieruchomoś,, otodom., and many others. Thanks to the IMO WordPress Premium integration plugin, you will have the ability to download offers and IMO and save them on your website as entries in the selected category of entries. A database of each offer will be downloaded: photos, description and all parameters. The plugin has the ability to work manually through the WordPress menu. You can also set the IMO API integration plugin to run automatically by configuring the crontab on the server.

What are the benefits of integrating IMO with WordPress?

  • Effective management of your offer
  • Eliminating mistakes related to manually adding offers to each of the portals and to your website
  • Increased chances of acquiring new customers and keeping the existing ones with you
  • More customers appearing on your private site!

An additional advantage is the possibility of automatic integration of offers from the IMO program with your website. You won’t have to worry about errors when entering an offer manually. The plugin allows you to transfer all offers to the WordPress system in a much faster and much easier way.

Premium solutions, due to their specificity, require our valuation before providing the final cost.

IMO PossibilitiesIMO WordPress IntegrationIMO WordPress Integration Premium
Offer in WordPress content+

Deleting and updating old offers++
Custom fields ACF-

Division into attributes-

Filtering option-

Search option-

Adding an Agent View with a photo and contact information-+
The possibility of adding a Search Engine (option to be agreed upon during implementation)-+
The option to add Categories-+
Categorization based on Custom Post Types-+
Option to view offers from a particular agent-+

Tak, IMO tworzy w WordPress oferty, które można edytować. Poniżej znajdują się zrzuty ekranu pokazujące miejsce, w którym znajdują się oferty.

Obecnie nie ma wersji demonstracyjnej, na zrzutach ekranu z programu można zobaczyć w jaki sposób on działa.

Integracja IMO WordPress opiera się na jednostronnej integracji IMO WordPress. Oferty dodawane do IMO są automatycznie pobierane w systemie WordPress w kategorii postów wybranych przez użytkownika. IMO WordPress pobiera wszystkie parametry produktu. Integracja może być przeprowadzona ręcznie lub automatycznie przy użyciu odpowiedniej konfiguracji crontab na serwerze.


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