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JPK PrestaShop integration 1.6 1.7|Uniform Control File

In connection with regulations introduced by the Ministry of Finance related to tax control rules, taxpayers are obliged to generate electronic files with detailed tax data and to send them in the form of so-called Uniform Control File. Every entrepreneur who is an active taxpayer is obliged to send monthly a sales and purchase register in a JPK-VAT file.

The JPK PrestaShop module generates in the file all transactions made on the PrestaShop site, which the organization has to prepare and send using the special platform of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the regulations, there are currently 7 structures of the Uniform Control File (JPK):

  • JPK_VAT (VAT records of sales and purchases)
  • JPK_FA (sales invoices VAT )
  • JPK_PKPIR (tax book of revenues and expenses)
  • JPK_EWP (revenue records)
  • JPK_MAG (warehouse)
  • JPK_WB (bank statement)
  • JPK_KR (accounting books).

JPK_FA is a structure in which information on all elements on invoices should be presented. Thus, when receiving an invoice in the JPK_FA structure, the tax authority should have all the data contained in the invoice. With any changes it is also necessary to adapt the JPK_FA structure. The last change applies from December 2019.

Thanks to the Uniform Control File module PrestaShop, generating such a file will occur automatically, which will significantly simplify the company’s management.

View of the sample file as it is generated (amounts and data are examples). You can verify whether it passes valid validation in your program:

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