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In the photo we can see the Gdynia pier, it is located in the Orłowo district. The first pier was built here during the First World War. It served as both a port and a promenade for the nearby spa house. In the 1920s, the pier was 115 meters long. Along with the growing popularity of the Orłowo district, the pier was rebuilt and in 1934 it gained 430 meters in length and was adapted for mooring white ships. In the winter of 1949, the facility was destroyed by a massive storm. Half of the structure that survived was rebuilt in 1953. Currently, the pier is 180 meters long. The Orłowo pier is a great viewpoint and from which you can admire the famous Orłowski cliff. You can see him in the distance in the picture. It is an extremely picturesque place. After descending from the beach or pier, you can go for a walk along the nearby Promenada Królowej Marysieńki.

Gdynia is a city with poviat status. Together with Gdańsk and Sopot, it is part of the Tri-City as one of the central agglomerations. The village has existed since the Middle Ages, initially as a fishing village, in 1926 obtained city rights. Thus, the expansion and modernization of the city began. Currently, Gdynia is a dynamically developing city, which is full of beautiful views and attractions. While in the city, you can go to the beach or pier, from which we will be able to observe the sea, the waterfront and the cliff. For hiking enthusiasts, it may be a good idea to use one of the many trails located in the Tri-City Landscape Park. You can also take the opportunity to take part in one of many events, such as the Open’er Festival, Gdynia Film Festival and Gdynia Sailing Days.

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