SEO Script to check position Google

48,40 £ 26,40 £

Support time: 3 months


Check Google Website Position

User side features Google check position:

  • Invoices come directly to the given email address
  • Clearly mark pages and keywords on the chart
  • Daily monitoring of your site and selected keywords

Administrator features check Google position:

  • Automatic pricing
  • Possibility to add and edit invoices
  • Very easy way to add new phrases and new pages
  • The ability to choose a page language and page extension when adding new keywords
  • Adding several users
  • Prices editing

Process stages Google position check:

    1. Add a new user
    1. Add an interesting website
    1. Add individual keywords

…and voila!

Each customer can have any number of pages and any number of keywords . He also has his login and login password. The system automatically calculates the price for positioning, issues an invoice, and then sends it to the mail.

Screen Scripts Chceck Google Position Website:



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