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Product personalization is a trend that we can observe for years in the context of the world’s largest brands, such as Coca-Cola and Nutella with their own name or a Burberry scarf with an individually embroidered pattern. Every customer wants to be treated exceptionally and have a unique product that meets their needs.Due to this demand, more and more stores, both stationary and online, run using WordPress and WooCommerce, decide to use the online product configurator.

What is the web based product configurator?

Customers buy with their eyes. Before they make a purchase decision, especially on the internet, they must see the product and fall in love with it. The Internet product configurator, adapted to WordPress and WooCommerce, not only responds to this need, but also satisfies the desire to have a unique product, tailored to your imagination. The product configurator helps the customer create a product from various elements. Works great in both stationary and online stores. The main idea is to present the customer with a ready product and enable him to match it to his needs in terms of color and design.

What benefits does the web based product configurator bring to companies?

  • reduces the cost of manufacturing the product, because part of activities such as measurement, material selection, selection of accessories will be transferred to the customer,
  • enables the sale of products that due to their specificity could not be offered in traditional online stores or required several visits to a stationary store (e.g. doors, furniture, blinds, cars).
  • creates the “wow” effect – configurators are a relatively new idea, especially on the eastern market,
    strengthens customer relationship.

What benefits does the web based product configurator bring to customers?

  • enables them to fully personalize the product by defining its features,
  • gives the opportunity to visualize the selected product,
  • thanks to the Internet configuration, the customer saves time and money (he doesn’t have to go to a stationary store to complete the dream product),
  • has unlimited time to decide on product configuration.

The web based product configurator is an innovative tool that will help your customers choose the perfect product for them. The possibilities offered by our tool will help you to promote available products in an easy and accessible way for the customer. Thanks to our device, a potential customer will be able to choose the perfect solution for their WooCommerce store on WordPress.


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