WordPress Plugin Under Construction

61,60 £

Support time: 3 months
Version: 1.0
Works with: Wordpress 4.9.8
Last update: 29/10/2018
Installation instruction: https://site-plugins.com/wordpress-installation-instructions


WordPress Plugin Under Construction

Description WordPress Plugin Under Construction:

If you are the owner of a website or an online store, you are aware that you need to take care of your website all the time, regularly configure and update the basic files on the server as well as plugins and themes. When you make changes to your website, your users may have a problem with using it, which often causes a negative reception of the website and, consequently, leaving it. WordPress Plugin Under Construction is a tool that will help you avoid this by efficiently and quickly placing the site in construction mode. Users will then receive information that at the moment work is underway to improve the functioning of the website or online store.

The advantages of WordPress Plugin Under Construction:

  • automatic exit from building mode after setting a specific end date
  • a simple construction site
  • quick plug in the installation
  • the possibility of sharing a site’s visibility in the construction mode with a specific person
  • collecting e-mails from users who have visited the site at the time of maintenance
  • the ability to use social media icons

Summarizing WordPress Plugin Under Construction is a good solution for detaining customers, in addition, it shows that the site owner cares about his clients and it changes for them for the better.


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