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Nowadays, many products and services are looked up online. Online shopping is a year by year greater and in some businesses traditional form of selling goods is almost marginal. Also, some services are available only online and if not first impressions and contact with business many times starts with a webpage. But even greatest webpage is not of a much value if it has bad position in google.

There are many ways to improve our web page position, but to be certain that we doing everything right we first must check position in google. We can do it manually, but it’s labor intensive, time consuming and boring, especially if we have many pages or keywords to search. That’s why we wish to offer our script to check position in google.

Our script to check position in google will give you in no time position of giving keyword for selected page making it quick and easy job even for inspecting many keywords. Knowing our position in Google we will be able to optimize our SEO work and monitor all our progress in making our business better by every day.

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