WordPress Plugin GDPR

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Support time: 3 months


WordPress Plugin GDPR

The most important features:

  • The right to receive information – customer is informed about the collection of data
  • The right to send data – customer can download their personal data from the website
  • The right to be forgotten – customer has the option to delete the account and its data
  • The right to be anonymous – customer may request the anonymisation of his data
  • The right to correct information – the customer has the right to manage and edit his data
  • The right to limit processing – the customer has the ability to limit his information in the website
  • The right to object – the customer may limit his data for use for marketing purposes
  • The right to notifications – customer has the right to information if there is a security hole in the website (eg Data leak)


  • Information about cookies that are used in the website
  • Possibility to create three checboxes  with additional approvals, e.g. forcing the acceptance of the privacy policy prior to the client’s registration support for enforcing agreement selection for customers who have not yet accepted it (for older customers)
  • option to enable / disable each of the tabs by user
  • convenient administration panel with all requests to remove or add each of approvals


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