Asari WordPress Integration

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Support time: 3 months


Asari WordPress Integration

Asari WordPress Integration is very useful when the company sells apartments, offices, and houses.

What does the plugin work for?

Asari WordPress Integration relies on the unilateral Asari WordPress Integration. Offers that are added to Asari are automatically downloaded in the WordPress system in the category of entries selected by the user. Asari WordPress Integration retrieves a photo database of each offer, description and all parameters of the offer. Asari WordPress Integration can be carried out manually via the WordPress menu or automatically using the appropriate crontab configuration on the server.

The advantages Asari WordPress Integration:

  • the ability to quickly integrate offers with your home page and export them to websites such as otodom. iHouse tró and many more
  • the ability to add notes and notes
  • counting notarial costs, agent’s commission and other fees related to renting or renting a real property
  • the ability to visually explore the property
  • the option of uploading videos or hooking links to pages where the clinic can view them
  • the ability to send offers automatically
  • checking offers by the system before they are exported to the portal


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