JPK WooCommerce Integration Uniform Control File

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JPK WooCommerce Integration Uniform Control File

In connection with the regulations introduced by the Ministry of Finance related to the principles of tax control, taxpayers are required to generate files in electronic version with detailed tax data and to send them in the form of so-called Uniform Control File. Every entrepreneur who is an active taxpayer is obliged to send the sales and purchases register on a monthly basis in the JPK-VAT file.

The WooCommerce JPK module generates in the file all transactions made on the WooCommerce website, which the organization has to prepare and send using a special platform of the Ministry of Finance.

Thanks to the WooCommerce Uniform Control File module, such a file will be generated automatically, which will significantly facilitate enterprise management.

Our module is designed to generate JPK_VAT.

What is JPK?

JPK, or the Standard Audit File, is one of the elements of sealing the tax system. JPK is a set of information on economic transactions that we send to the office every month (JPK_VAT) or at the request of the tax authority (other JPK). The goal of SAF is more efficient and faster control, because on the basis of SAF, the Ministry can quickly verify the credibility of information sent by companies. The file covers many areas, it is defined by the Ministry of Finance in terms of structure, construction and other fields. Data for the creation of JPK are downloaded directly from the company’s financial and accounting systems (this also includes Excel or other similar computer programs). These data are sent only electronically to the office.

View of the sample file as it is generated (amounts and data are sample). You can verify that it passes validation in your program:

Our application works with such accounting programs as:

  • Comarch Optima
  • Fact
  • Others

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    I’m very happy. The product met my expectations. I can recommend it with a clear conscience. It is functional and transparent.

  2. Anna Welc

    Cool! I run several stores so it was important to me that the program I use was not complicated. I am very pleased because this one works quickly and efficiently.

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