Mail Collector Program – Google Mail Site Scrapper

44,00 £

Support time: 3 months


Mail Collector Program – Google Mail Site Scrapper

Google Mail is a program that will allow you to gather your own mailing database . This will help you improve your direct marketing efforts through a well-selected potential customer base.



  • You save the money you spent on creating a customer base from other companies
  • You do not have to manually search for address data
  • You select your audience directly under your and your current bid or promotion.
  • You are acting alone
  • You paylittle – you geta lot
  • The program is very easy to use

How it works:

  1. You specify the number of results you want
  2. You enter the keywords you want to search for. For example, in this case we want to get e-mails from Warsaw hairdressing salons.
  3. The program searches for email addresses.
  4. A list of the searched e-mails appears – ready!


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