Plugin recaptcha prestashop

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LicenseLicense: 1 year
Support timeSupport time: 3 months

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The internet is a wonderful place for finding information, make transactions, buying stuff, chat, and much much more but there is probably no one who never received a spam message from the internet. That’s why site owners could be interested in Plugin recaptcha Prestashop.

Plugin recaptcha Prestashop makes it really hard for automatic scrips to abuse our services. Not only it presents to send automatic messages through our contact forms, but Plugin recaptcha Prestashop can shield us from any automatic script like data scrapper which would download our costly data from a web page or other script which could for example overflow our page with useless content.

Plugin recaptcha Prestashop is a great and simple way to protect yourself from harmful or annoying scripts. Our plugin is also easy to install, reliable and works 24/7.

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