PrestaShop Clothing Module

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Support time: 3 months


Clothing PrestaShop Templates is a very good solution for companies selling clothes online. Thanks to this tool you will spread the fears of your customers before buying clothes without trying.

Help your customers make the right decision!

How it works?

  1. We start by creating a size table that takes into account the appropriate proportions of the products sold in your store. The size can be adjusted accordingly for each manufacturer and different garments. When you have clothing from different brands in your shop, you just need to prepare a table for each of them. The picture below shows a table of bra sizes, taking into account the relationship between the circumference and the size of the bowl of the product.
  2. The module is placed on your page , allowing you to select the right product size in a simple and clean way. You can use either the slider or enter the exact dimensions in centimeters.

Our programmers will help you adjust the size table to the selected products.


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