WordPress plugin questions and answers

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WordPress plugin questions and answers

WordPress plugin questions and answers (FAQ), also known as frequently asked questions, is a plugin which help you that avoids answering the same questions for the hundredth time. Similar plugins are necessary on websites or blogs, especially for owners who have a forum on their site. WordPress plugin questions and answers is a plugin that creates a complete question and answer system for your site. It supports multiple languages, has shortcuts, reCAPTCHA, notification system and many other functions.

Why should you put the WordPress plugin questions and answers on your site?

First of all, the FAQ allows you to relieve the main content of a website. At the same time, in this way, you don’t have to give up any substantive content. By adding a link with the slogan “If you have questions read our answers” you can also intrigue your client and increase his time spent on the site. WordPress plugin questions and answers allows you to explain customer intriguing issues in the question-answer model. Thanks to this your answers will be more precise. You will organize information and divide it into small portions. It is also an ideal solution for busy customers who expect an immediate response. The FAQ will also help you with positioning, this isn’t an obvious solution, but think about how often you enter in Google passwords starting with “how …?” and “where …?”. Your website, containing such formulas closely related to the profile, will improve your positioning.

What problems can you avoid using the WordPress plugin questions and answers?

You will avoid something that is the bane of every person running a website, i.e. answering the same questions countless times. FAQ saves your and your customers time. This is one of the most troublesome issues. You need to spend a lot of time on your answers, so, prepared Q&A will positively affect the comfort of your business. Especially if your service process is repetitive, then you can gather all the information you need in one place.


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