WordPress Product Configurator Plugin

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WordPress Product Configurator Plugin

The Product Configurator WordPress Template is an innovative tool that will help your customers choose the perfect product for them. Thanks to the product configurator you can:

  • divide the products into categories
  • in each category, present the available colors
  • enable direct preview of the product in the selected color (without the need to open a new page)
  • attractively present your products

The Product Configurator WordPress Template is very easy to use:

  • we add product categories
  • when adding a new product, enter its name
  • then we add a photo of the product
  • we choose the color
  • we choose a category

Thanks to the possibility offered by the product configurator, you will be able to better promote the available products in an easy and clear way, thanks to which the potential customer will be able to choose the perfect solution for himself.


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